International Art Prizes:
2018 "Golden Palm for Visual Arts", New York, United States of America
2019 "Michelangelo", Rome, Italy
2020 "Leonardo da Vinci", Florence, Italy
Solo Exhibitions:
2018 "Parcours d'artistes', Mezzoforte Music School, Brussels, Belgium
2019 "Old Gold", Europanova Cultural Association, Brussels, Belgium
2019 "5 O'clock artea", Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium
Group Exhibitions:
2017 Arts Biennial "Ars Incognita", Palazzina di Stupinigi, Turin, Italy
2017 "Extra Small", Maison des Arts, Schaerbeek, Belgium
2018 "Armory Artweeks', New York, USA
2018 "Parcours d'Artistes", La Cerisaie, Schaerbeek, Belgium
2018 "Labyrinth to a Dream", Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, United States of America,
2018 "I love Italy", Centro d'Arte San Vidal, Venice, Italy
2018 "Summer Colours", Athenée Palace Hilton Hotel, Bucharest, Romania
2018 Silent Auction Exhibition, Hotel Continental, Bucharest, Romania
2018 "Rome Art Week", Biblioteca Angelica, Rome, Italy
2018 "50 under 50", Unit 6 Gallery, Richmond, United Kingdom
2018 onward, part of permanent collection of Europe Art Museum, Denmark with the artwork “He loves me…he loves me not”
2018 "Christmas Art", Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome, Italy
2019 "Permanent Collection", Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy
2019 "What's next?", Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy
2019 "Moving Ideas", Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy
2019 "Summer Show - Radiant", Legacy Art Gallery, Todmorden, United Kingdom,
2019 "Summer", Maison Communale d'Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium
2019 "Artbox Project Zurich 1.0", Swiss Art Expo, Switzerland
2019 "We Art Moments" European Research Agency, Brussels, Belgium
2019 "Europalia Festival", Maison Stepman, Brussels, Belgium
2019 "Femmes debout à travers l'art", Maison Communale Koekelberg, Brussels, Belgium
2019 "Artbox Project Miami 2.0", Miami, United States of America 
2020 "Sogno di fine estate", Spazioporpora Gallery, Milan, Italy
2020 "Journees du Patrimoine", Maison Stepman, Brussels, Belgium
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