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November 2018, by Art Critic Silvia Ferrara, Italy

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July 2018, Catalogue of Group Exhibition "I Love Italy", Venice

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 June 2018, Catalogue of Group Exhibition "Mid-summer Night's Dream" in New York City


May 2018, Online Catalogue Apero Gallery

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Not Random Art Team (2019-04-23 13:53:59)
We have been very impressed with your artistic production and we are glad to inform you that your
work has been selected for publication in the next Special edition of the Contemporary Art Review
Not Random Art.
In particular, we have highly appreciated the way your refined approach explores the blurry boundary between perception and experience. We were discussing how your work establishes a deep involvement with the viewers, both on an emotional aspect and on an intellectual one.

Ruthie Tucker, New York (2018-07-24 15:59:08)
Your exhibition is beautiful and has been very well received by Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's collectors and visitors. Your art is extremely thought provoking and visually challenging, and we are so proud of your exhibit.
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